General Car Rental Conditions


When a customer makes a reservation must indicate the category of the vehicle what do you want to rent, which will be
provided one of the models included in requested category, if for some reason the requested vehicle is not available,
BLAUCAR makes responsable and guarantees the delivery of a similar vehicle or superior category without any additional


When the customer sign these rental dates it confirms that:

  • He has read, understood and accept the general rental terms and conditions (included in the rental documents). In
    particular, confirms that the rental vehicle is in the indicated State in the report of vehicle status and accept
    responsability with respect to other additional damages or vehicle loss, in accordance with the general terms and
  • Agree to hire coverages and optional services listings in the charge and pay the total charges and any other
    charge that arises during the hire, under terms and conditions. Likewise, accept that BLAUCAR can hold your credit
    card a sufficient amount up to the total charges, as well as charge any amount due by the costumer, that may result
    from the contractual relationship granted in this act.


  • The price includes the rental, required insurance with franchise of 900 € (check Insurance) and the IVA.
  • Kilometers is unlimited.
  • The mileage is included without charge up to 400 km/day. For higuer mileage consult promotions directly via mail,
    telephone or web.
  • Does not include: extras (check extras), fuel and fines.


  • Requirements for car delivery: National Identity Document or original passaport, driving licenes and credit
  • Cancellation policy: There are no cancellation fees up to 24 hours before pickup. If canceled within 24 hours
    before to vehicle pickup, you must pay the 100 %.
  • Given the situation of the pandemine, the amount of any formalized reservation will not be returned through the amount of down payment.
  • Fuel policy BLAUCAR: We deliver the vehicle whith full tank and the customer returns the vehicle with full tank.
    I fit was not possible to refuel and returns the vehicle with less quantity of fuel you must notify the company
    staff before leaving and must pay the amount of fuel.


  • 1/4 fuel tank: 20 € IVA included.
  • 1/2 fuel tank: 40 € IVA included.
  • 3/4 fuel tank: 60 € IVA included.
  • 4/4 fuel tank: 90 € IVA included.
  • In some case the vehicle suffered brakedown for wrong refuelling, the customer must pay for the expenses, such
    as: tank emptying, any possible brakedown, correct full filling, and displacement (1,50 € IVA included for
    kilometer round trip).


In addition to the normal Insurance, you have Premium Insurance (not required), which has a cost of 28 € by day IVA
included and includes (vehicle glasses and rearviews).

You must consider that, although contract our Premium Insurance, although is a full Insurance, it has some

  • Wrong refuelling.
  • Lost or broken keys.
  • Possible damage caused by drivingin poorly paved areas, tracks or flood areas.
  • Possible damage due for wrong use of the cluch.
  • Possible damage caused inside the vehicle (burns, holes, etc.).
  • Possible damage in the vehicle lock.
  • Possible damages, losts or stolen of the vehicle (antena, wiper blades, GPS, children´s chairs, tray,triangles,
    vests, fuel tank cap, etc.).
  • Despite in the dediver of the vehicle, we will not be requested any charge of franchise, you must consider that
    this assumptions are not included and it will be charged in case it happened.


  • Second driver: 9€ by day IVA included until a maximum of 60 € IVA included.
  • Novel driver: until 25 years, 9 € by day IVA included until a maximum of 75 € IVA included.
  • Loss of keys : 350 € by day IVA included.
  • G.P.S.: 8 € by day IVA included until a maximum of 75 € IVA included.
  • Stroller: 15 € by day IVA included until a maximum of 75 € IVA included.
  • Maxi cosi: 15 € by day IVA included until a maximum of 75 € IVA included.
  • Child chair: 9 € by day IVA included until a maximum of 75 € IVA included.
  • Child lift: 9 € by day IVA included until a maximum of 75 € IVA included.
  • Extra hour: If the vehicle is returned later than the hour in the contract, it charges 35 € IVA included by
    every additional hour or hour fraction.
  • Pick up of vehicle outside office: 10 € IVA included.


  • Possible break or loss of GPS: 200 € IVA included.
  • Possible break or loss of child chairs: 200 € IVA included.
  • Possible break or loss of child lifts: 100 € IVA included.
  • Possible break or loss of strollers: 200 € IVA included.
  • Possible break or loss of maxi cosi: 250 € IVA included.
  • Vehicle with extrem dirt: 75 € IVA included.
  • Penalty management fee: 12 € IVA included for each management (in no case does it include the payment of the
  • Possible return of a vehicle in a wrong place: 60 € IVA included.
  • Possible leave of a vehicle: 350 € IVA included.
  • Possible roadside assistance not covered: 1,90 € IVA included by kilometer.
  • Smoking inside a vehicle: 100 € IVA included.


With the signature of the rental contract the tenant authorize to BLAUCAR so can charge in tenant credit card the
extra concepts which may do for the wrong use of the vehicle, how can be traffic fines, damages not covered by
Insurance, extra days, damages caused for driving under the influence of alcohòlic drinks or drugs, damages caused
by unauthorized driver, etc.


The tenant of vehicle must not do the following acts:

  • Transport dangerous goods or heavy materials.
  • Transport more passengers than allowed in vehicle technical file.
  • Let anyone drive who is not expressly authorized in the contract.


In case of loss of keys the customer must pay the cost of them, if besides we must take them where the vehicle is,
must pay 0,50 € IVA included by kilometer round trip.


Theft of objects inside of the rented vehicle is not covered for any typeof Insurance, so it is recommended do not
leave valuables objects in sight. In case of sinister for theft of objects inside, Insurance does not cover neither
the damages produced to the vehicle, outside of those who had been expressly hiredby the costumer.

BLAUCAR is not responsible of objects that could be forgotten inside the vehicle, so it is recommended check them
before proceed to return.


In case of return of the vehicle and cancellation of the contract before the scheduled date of cancel, it will be
valued parcial refund of part of the reservation made although not guaranteed the total part paid not finished from
the rent.


Office AMPOSTA and TORTOSA: In case of picking up the vehicle in any of our offices, you must return the vehicle in
the same office. In case no one of the staff is found, you must notify the contact phone and we will indicate what
you can do to park the vehicle safely and deposit the vehicle keys inside the mailbox.

ACCOMODATIONS – Hotel, camping, rural house, etc. : In case of picking up the vehicle in your accomodation, you can
return the vehicle in it prior agreement with BLAUCAR, you can deposit the keys in reception prior agreement with
the same accomodation and our staff pick it up as soon as possible.

The return of the vehicle it will always be done in the same place where was he hired, to return the vehicle in
another place you must consultin with our staff and accept the possible costs and conditions both delivery and


  • Deliveries from 08:00 h. to 19:00 h. FREE.
  • Deliveries from 06:00 h. to 08:00 h. 30 € IVA included.
  • Returns from 08:00 h. to 22:00 h. FREE.
  • Returns from 06:00 h. to 08:00 h. 20 € IVA included.